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Weis Wave Trade Setups Pdf 11 _VERIFIED_

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Weis Wave Trade Setups Pdf 11 _VERIFIED_

Has anyone seen Looks similar to weis wave, but uses boxes intstead of the zig zag indicator to accumulate volume, and also it accumulates time. This is very intersting since weis wave does not show accumulation of time. I read and am studying wyckoff logic, and wyckoff wrote that volume and time are correlated. Interesting. Anybody have any thoughts about this I haven't bought it....

Looks like redirects to, so not sure what it was before... I was a student of David Weis and paid him to teach me. After shelling out $500 for weis wave, now I regret it since it looks cheaper on and has a lot more features....((

More aggressive intraday traders could have entered into shorts on top of this wave 5, finding confirmation in the form of long tails on top of the candles on the wave peak. Those who failed to do that had one more chance in the form of wave 7, which has a purely manipulative nature by its shape, since, most probably, its goal was to activate stop losses of early bears before the forthcoming reduction. Wave 11 peak is a comfortable signal for conservative shortists.

Some traders have set percentages that they look for with certain waves, such as watching for a 60% correction on the second wave. Their experience with many trades and trends over many years will lead them to use these numbers consistently. However, corrections may be larger or smaller than average on any given trade, and it's best to study many different charts on your own before forming such a rigid rule for wave sizes.

These three Elliott wave concepts may improve trader's analysis skills or improve their trade timing, but it is not without its own issues. The theory can be complex to apply, as it isn't always easy isolating the five-wave and three-wave patterns.

In theory, Elliott wave patterns are fractal and should apply to any time frame. Therefore, the "best" time frame to use is the one you're most comfortable trading. If you're a day trader, you may use one-minute, five-minute, or one-hour candles. If you're a swing trader, you may use four-hour, daily, or weekly candles. If you don't know what your strength is, then try multiple time frames in a demo account to see which one works best for you. 1e1e36bf2d


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