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Drpu Bulk Sms 12

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DRPU Bulk SMS 12: A Powerful Tool for Sending Mass Messages

Do you need to send bulk SMS messages to your customers, clients, employees, or contacts Do you want to save time and money by using a reliable and easy-to-use software If yes, then you should try DRPU Bulk SMS 12.

DRPU Bulk SMS 12 is a professional and advanced software that allows you to send mass text messages from your PC or laptop using any GSM, Android, or Windows-based mobile phone or USB modem. You can create and send personalized messages to multiple recipients in a single click. You can also schedule your messages to be sent at a specific date and time.

With DRPU Bulk SMS 12, you can enjoy many features and benefits, such as:

Send unlimited messages without any internet connection or subscription fee.

Supports all major languages and Unicode characters.

Provides delivery reports and logs of sent and failed messages.

Allows you to import contacts from Excel files, text files, or phone memory.

Enables you to create groups and templates for easy message management.

Offers various options to customize your message content, such as adding signatures, prefixes, suffixes, etc.

Supports various types of SMS, such as standard SMS, flash SMS, notification SMS, etc.

Compatible with all Windows operating systems, such as Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, etc.

If you want to download and try DRPU Bulk SMS 12 for free, you can visit the official website of DRPU Software Pvt Ltd at You can also contact their customer support team at for any queries or feedback.

DRPU Bulk SMS 12 is a powerful tool for sending mass messages that can help you grow your business, communicate with your audience, and save your time and money. Don't miss this opportunity and get your copy today!

DRPU Bulk SMS 12 is not only a software for sending mass messages, but also a tool for marketing and promotion. You can use it to send promotional offers, discounts, coupons, alerts, reminders, invitations, confirmations, and more to your potential and existing customers. You can also use it to send motivational quotes, tips, news, updates, and more to your employees, colleagues, friends, and family.

By using DRPU Bulk SMS 12, you can reach a large number of people in a short time and with a low cost. You can also increase your brand awareness, customer loyalty, and sales conversion. You can also improve your communication efficiency, productivity, and performance.

DRPU Bulk SMS 12 is a software that you can trust and rely on. It has been tested and verified by thousands of users across the world. It has also received positive reviews and ratings from various online platforms and magazines. It has been awarded with several certificates and awards for its quality and excellence. 061ffe29dd


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