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Where To Buy Razer Laptops


Where To Buy Razer Laptops

Even the cheapest Razer laptops can still carry a hefty premium. While they do often utilize the latest and greatest components, however, a lot of that final price comes down to the build quality and slimline design. There's also added Razer tax for the luxury of picking up a Chroma-enabled system from one of the biggest peripheral brands on the market.

There's no denying, though, that these are incredibly well-designed machines. The best Alienware laptops can offer comparable performance, but do so in much larger chassis' that aren't nearly as portable. The Razer Blade is portable enough to function as both a work and play machine, so it's a true investment in both areas.

Razer itself actually offers some of the more reliable discounts on its machines. You'll regularly find cheap Razer laptops available via the brand's own site during busy periods - we'd recommend checking around Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, and during the back-to-school rush from July to September. However, it's always worth price-checking your offer against larger retailers - Amazon, for example, sometimes has even larger discounts during these sale periods.

While 2022's releases have been out for more than a year, it's still well worth looking to the 2021 and 2020 ranges for the best-value Razer laptop deals. Razer produces some of the best gaming laptops on the market right now. The best Razer laptops pack the latest components into impossibly portable footprints with a slimline and lightweight flourish. Add gorgeous displays and plenty of customization and you've got a machine working particularly hard to justify its higher price tag. Even 2021 and 2020 releases still live up to this name, with price tags that are rapidly receding.

2022 brought about a new series of Razer laptops to the market, but these machines have stubbornly held onto their MSRPs for a while now. We are starting to see some retailers offering discounts on these high-end machines, though, so it's time to start tracking the latest generation's prices.

2021's lineup of Razer Blade laptops is starting to drop its price now that the 2022 versions have hit the shelves. That means you'll likely be able to score Razer laptop deals on RTX 30-Series configurations, with both AMD and Intel processing options up for grabs as well.

While the Stealth 13 model received an upgrade to Intel's 11th generation processors (though still holding onto that GTX 1650 graphics card), the Blade 15 holds onto a 10th generation CPU. That's not to say you're going to be getting dramatically less power out of these cheaper Razer laptops, but you may be less future-proofed as a result. However, the Pro 17 does still offer some 11th generation configurations.

However, 2021 also brought the AMD Razer Blade 14 into the mix - a nifty machine built to take on some of the larger gaming laptops out there while also offering the form factor to make a MacBook jealous. This is still considered a luxury piece of kit, though, so prices do sit a little higher here.

The 2020 series of Razer Blade laptops are starting to look a little old now, with 10th generation Intel processors and graphics cards ranging from the GTX 1660Ti to the RTX 2080. However, these cheap Razer laptops certainly shouldn't be written off because of their age. They're still incredibly powerful performers, with a form factor that makes them perfect for both work and play. Plus, you're going to be saving considerably on that price tag, especially if you're after a smaller configuration for luxury everyday gaming.

If you're after a look through the rest of the competition, you'll find plenty more of the latest offers just below. These discounts cover everything from RTX 3050 laptop deals to RTX 3080 laptop deals, but you'll find plenty of RTX 3060 laptops and RTX 3070 laptops on sale as well. Or, take a look at our guides to the latest cheap Alienware laptop deals and the best Asus gaming laptops.

Razer Blade gaming laptops are some of the most premium machines money can buy, and carry a hefty price to match their stylish looks. Subsequently, it can pay dividends to be on the lookout for Razer Blade deals, sales, and generally research the best prices thoroughly before you commit.

Overall, these aren't cheap gaming laptop deals by any stretch of the imagination but you'd be surprised at how big discounts can be on some machines. Older models or models about to be superseded in particular can have discounts ranging anywhere between $300 to $800 off (up to 800 off in the UK) - especially around big retail events like Black Friday.

Generally speaking, Razer Blade laptops have quite a few specs for each model, so there's quite a bit of wiggle room if you're not fussed about getting truly top-end components. Bear in mind, however, that you do tend to pay a premium for upgrades like higher refresh rate monitors in general. We've included detailed specs sheets alongside today's Razer Blade deals, and you'll also find detailed reviews with all the information you'll need to weigh up any prospective purchase.

As with all Razer Blade gaming laptops, the Blade 17 comes with a number of configurations - from an RTX 3060 model with a 165Hz QHD display all the way to an RTX 3080 Ti model with a 144Hz UHD 4K display - the latter of which will set you back an eye-watering $4,299.99 (opens in new tab) at launch. Unlike with the 15.6-inch model, there are no 'Base' models with the Blade 17. Regardless of which model you opt for, you're jumping into the deep end with no compromises in the specs... or the price, unfortunately.

As with all the Razer Blade laptops on our list this week you'll be getting a stunning aluminum chassis here, alongside your choice of various configurations for both components and display types. Specifically featured on the 2021 releases are the shiny new RTX 3000 series graphics cards from Nvidia, which are a significant bump up in both power and value from last year's RTX 2000 cards.

The new Razer Blade 17 Pro is, without a doubt, one of the most premium gaming laptops you can buy right now. It's big and proud, and has some absolutely eye-watering specs on even its baseline configurations which make it the Razer machine most suitable for a direct desktop replacement.

Let's face it, you're definitely paying extra for style points here as opposed to outright performance. That alone will put some off, however, for others it's more than worth it considering how gaudy most gaming laptops are. Subsequently, you'll probably have to weigh up how much that premium experience means to you when you're choosing a product.

Razer laptops are, by all accounts, stunning machines with chassis' that rival even the plushest ultrabooks from Apple and Dell. Other gaming brands, while catching up, definitely struggle to match them, and it's a marvel that Razer can pack so much power into cases so thin. So, if you want something that looks great, runs well, and comes in a fairly light footprint, Razer laptops may just be worth that extra premium for you.

Want to see what other discounted gaming laptops are available this week We'll round up a few alternatives just down below, but we really recommend also checking out our bespoke cheap gaming laptop deals (opens in new tab) page for more. On this page, you'll find a highly curated list of laptops that are specifically selected for their gaming performance and value - something that we all know isn't a strong suit for Razer Blade deals generally speaking.

Another great page to visit is this week's best Alienware gaming laptop deals (opens in new tab) page, where you'll find Razer's main competition in regards to premium up-market machines. Alienware laptops tend to have a little bit more of a gaudy appearance overall, but on the whole do offer some great high-end components for the money.

The Razer Blade is designed for gaming with essential gaming grade peripherals built-in. The laptop features Razer Synapse 2.0 pre-installed, a fully programmable anti-ghosting backlit keyboard, adjustable ultra-sensitive track pad and plenty of green USB 3.0 ports that are ready to plug and play. Do more, game more, anywhere, anytime.

Laptops have been an integral part of the gaming community for years now, but not every laptop offer the right specifications for all level of gamers. You can find several options for affordable Razer gaming laptops on eBay, but you must first assess your gaming needs.

There are three significant models when it comes to Razer Blade laptops. Each one offers impressive specifications and features for both productivity and gaming. See the manufacturer site for details.

There's little I would change about the Razer Blade 15. It would be nice if an AMD version arrived eventually. I also wouldn't mind Razer moving to a 16:10 16-inch display size, or if the keycaps weren't completely flat and nearly flush with the Blade's body. And it would be amazing if Razer made wirelessly connecting its gaming headsets, mice and keyboards to its laptops as simple as Samsung has with its Galaxy devices and Galaxy Book laptops. (OK, that last one is just me thinking out loud, but still.) As it stands, the Blade 15 delivers an experience worthy of its higher price. It's just up to you if you care more about the experience or performance for your money. 59ce067264


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