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Hp 12c Platinum Financial Calculator Emulator Free _VERIFIED_ Full Versionl


The HP-12C is a financial calculator made by Hewlett-Packard (HP) and its successor HP Inc. as part of the HP Voyager series, introduced in 1981. It's HP's longest and best-selling product and is considered the de facto standard among financial professionals. There have been multiple revisions over the years. with newer revisions moving to an ARM processor running a software emulator of the original Nut processor. Critics claim that its 1980s technology is antiquated, but proponents point out that it is still the de facto and de jure in high finance.

Quote:- There are three different 12C models: the original one, the Platinum and the newer Platinum with parentheses.There are in fact four: The 12C+ with the ARM processor (2 coin cells) is really a different beast from the original 12C being a lot faster. Otherwise it runs the same firmware with the exact same number of available registers for data or program storage.Quote:- The first 12C took three LR44 batteries and is slow. Later versions use either one or two CR2032 cells. The 2xCR2032 versions have an ARM processor and are very fast (12C+). The single cell ones - I've been told not to buy them But why...I'm not aware of a classic 12C with a single coin cell. I assume this is a Platinum (mine has one) but I may be wrong. There might have been a reincarnation of either version with two cells but this is lacking the connector for flashing and runs at the original speed.Quote:- There's a 30th anniversary 12C model. Apparently it's pretty good apart from one curious problem - it's got an outdated firmware that's not free of bugs.This is just a 12C+. The bugs aren't in the algorithms but in the emulation layer. Katie has more on this.Quote:- The 12C Platinum has more functions and memory than the original 12C. While the 12C is RPN only, the 12CP has an algebraic mode.- Early 12CP's have no parantheses. That changed with the 25th anniversary model.Almost correct: I have an earlier Platinum with silver key plate that has undo, backspace, and parentheses. So the firmware update must have been done before the 25th aniversary model was released.Quote:How do you recognise the different models Are there any tricks It's easy to distinguish a new 12C Platinum from an old one. But if you want to buy a regular 12C on ebay and all you've got is a photo of the front - is there any way of knowing which version it isYou can't. On HP's side this was a silent update in order not to alienate their conservative customer base. The bugs in the early Platinums had harmed the confidence in the de-facto standard financial calculator which they tried to avoid this time.Edited: 15 Apr 2012, 6:36 p.m. Re: Best 12C models and how to identify themMessage #4 Posted by Timo Labrenz on 16 Apr 2012, 1:23 a.m.,in response to message #3 by Marcus von Cube, Germany 1e1e36bf2d


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