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Steel Faith Overhaul Mod

Steel Faith Overhaul Mod >

vanilla units overhaul focuses on adding more variation to most units, including over 25 new faces, which can be seen in the screenshots above. there are over 150 units with significant changes and over 200 separate buildings with more than 40 new faces. the author has even spruced up the graphics a bit, including making the visual quality of trees, grass, and the clouds better. likewise, there are various other tweaks to unit stats and abilities, which increase fatigue, improve performance, and increase effect.

sweetfxmod is a graphics overhaul. more than just a retexture, it changes most aspects of the visual quality of the game. gone are the days of matte fields and trees, you can actually see individual plants and leaves on the trees, and the clouds actually look like clouds. also since this one replaces the old textures instead of adding to them, it doesnt slow your gameplay or frames per second at all.

beneath a red sky is a collection of mods from the creators the total war: attila overhaul mod, ancient empires, and this battle overhaul mod is the gem of the bunch. focusing on rebalancing units and emphasising realism, it greatly increases fatigue and the chances of units routing, which means fewer outright casualties on the battlefield. it also reworks missile weapons (read: bows) and enhances terrain effects.

vanilla units overhaul seeks to improve this by adding more variations to every unit, including over 25 new faces. militias will carry a wider range of armor and weapons since theyre, well, militia. the author looked to the movie red cliff, famously depicting one of the most dramatic battles of the period, for a lot of the visual look while still trying to maintain their original feel and historical authenticity. 3d9ccd7d82


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