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Buy Dairy Free Pistachio Ice Cream

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Roasted California pistachios, pistachio butter, milk, pure cane sugar, fresh cream and milk are expertly blended to create our Pacific Coast pistachio. Previously called Sicilian Pistachio, this flavor uses the same delicious recipe but now with pistachios from California.Try this product in a Baklava Cups Recipe!

This ice cream recipe is a breeze. Just place your ice cream ingredients in a blender and blend until the pistachios are pulverized and you have a creamy and thick pistachio milk. Pour your mixture into a freezer safe container and let it chill. Once chilled and solid, all that is left to do is to scoop and top your ice cream, and then get to enjoying every creamy, delectable bite.

Go ahead and make a batch of this easy no churn pistachio ice cream, and end a long summer day with a little treat! Let us know how it goes by leaving a comment below, and snap a photo and tag us on Instagram @realsimplegood so we can check it out!

After sharing my vanilla ice cream and strawberry ice cream recipes on Instagram, I received many requests for a vegan pistachio ice cream recipe. Ask and you shall receive!! I love pistachio ice cream as it isn't too sweet and it's perfectly nutty and creamy. The natural green color is so cute too! I love to add lots of chopped roasted pistachios to the ice cream for texture, but if you prefer a smooth ice cream without any chunks, simply skip that step.

This recipe is made using just 7 simple ingredients including plant-based milk (you can use any kind of plant-based milk you like such as oat or soy). Cashews which adds extra richness and creaminess. Sugar for a little sweetness, I used granulated white sugar but feel free to sub for a sweetener alternative you prefer. Vanilla extract, almond extract, and a pinch of salt to enhance the pistachio flavor. And of course, pistachios!! I like to use raw shelled pistachios to make the creamy ice cream base, and then I use chopped up roasted unsalted pistachios to add a little crunch. Yum!!

Prepare your ice cream maker following the manufacturer's instructions. I have this Cuisinart ice cream maker which I love. (See notes if you do not have an ice cream machine).Add the plant-based milk, pistachios, cashews, sugar, vanilla, almond extract, and salt to your blender. Blend until completely smooth and creamy, stopping to scrape the sides if needed. Make sure that the pistachios and cashews are completely blended and that no bits remain.

Pour the ice cream mixture into your ice cream maker and churn the ice cream for about 25 minutes until it reaches a soft serve consistency. If you want pistachio pieces in the ice cream, add them in the last 5 minutes of churning. Enjoy immediately, or for firmer ice cream, spread into a sealable container and freeze for 2 hours or overnight until firm. Scoop and enjoy! Store leftover dairy-free ice cream in a freezer-safe container in the freezer for up to two weeks.

Hey Sam, cannot wait to make this, as I also am a bit tired of frozen banana ice cream. Quick question though. Since I do not have a vita=mix (or other high speed blender), should I soak the cashews first for a few hours. For that matter should i soak raw pistachios too Yes, I know I should just get a high speed blender ready. Might ask for one for Christmas. Haha only 5 months away.

Hi Robin, if you are adding pistachio pieces to the ice cream, I think it's ok to skip soaking as the ice cream is going to have texture regardless. If you want to ensure a super smooth texture then there is certainly no harm in soaking. Another option is to add all the ingredients to the blender, blend, then let that mixture rest in the blender for 10 - 20 minutes and then blend again. Allowing it to rest will let the tiny bits sit in liquid and soften. Let us know what you try and how it turns out

Hi Sam, sadly I did not read your recommendations, in comment section, about letting mixture sit for 10 minutes in between blending. I also do not have a high speed blend


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