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Xcom 2 Cheat Engine

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multiplayer game has to be started with the settings: -game multiplayer -maxplayers 2 -resolve 1. else it will change back to "local game" and the cheat engine won't work. you can change the value of the "resolve" to different values, but 1 is most used value. -resolution value is ignored (it's just treated as 1).

cheat box (r). in cheat engine's settings, there's a list of cheats that you can set. you need to have a shortcut to the game executable in the cheat engine's settings and the cheat engine will start when you open it.

fast move, the same as fast run (f), but not as many cheats are available. fast move also allows you to change your character name. as the name is long, it won't let you use all of them. just run the game and change your name in the cheat engine's settings.

resolution down. in cheat engine's settings, you can specify what resolution you want to play the game. if you have an underpowered pc, the resolution might be too high for it to play smoothly. in that case, you might want to change the resolution in the cheat engine's settings, so that it's lower than you normally do.

while that would undoubtedly leave many players under-gunned, xcom 2 is a much more realistic strategy game than its predecessor. like the original, xcom 2 gives you the option of selecting from a variety of classes as your soldiers gain experience and level up. though that does mean that there are a lot of skills and abilities to choose from and once a class is chosen, your army is limited to that classno more all-purpose fighters, no more three-headed alien-hunting rangersand you'll have to deal with the tradeoffs. we've played through the campaign now, and we can't wait to hear about your experiences, friend. does xcom 2 feel like an alien game 3d9ccd7d82


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