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Logiciel De Piratage Facebook Hack V 62 Gratuit

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I was just wondering if you ever got a reply from facebook/ managed to get back in Like you, I have about a decade of photos on there, and also just feel really uncomfortable that a hacker still has access to my account!

Same thing has happened me seems like my old Yahoo account was involved in a data breach so hackers were able to change everything and deactivate my facebook. This happened yesterday so have been trying everywhere but seem to be going round in circles to no avail. Keeping positive thoughts that I can get it resolved but facebook customer service is juat awful. Have started bombarding them on twitter and even instagram for help.

The update is at the end of the original blog post, not in the comments. This link should take you right to it; otherwise, just look for the UPDATE heading in the main text:

Hi I had some anxiety on my PC and set up a facebook code via Microsoft Authenticator app as extra security after putting in password,to my horror I reset my phone and the codes i had were lost. In saying this I do have some strong suspicions due to other security issues ive had that efforts have been made from possible hackers i do not get my account back,however I know my facebook account has not gone as I still get friend updates via email. Ive contacted Oculus support but I doubt them like everything else at the moment. I get responses from facebook I can not use this feature anymore as ive sent passport national insurance number and any other desperate measure I can think of. I could write a sadistic horror fim with facebook team getting a huge pleasure out of having absolute power and an ego trip. I am exempt from work on medical grounds and mentally I have been really stretched this past six weeks

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