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there is a special place in my heart for meri surat teri shaadi (1989) and dinesh thakurs 1989 film tee chawal, featuring a rabble-rousing killer. that killer may not have been on the mark when he assassinated vinod khosla, but in the 90s, that was enough to justify taking out a hit on the scion of a wealthy family whose ancestors were the founding fathers of india. the killing of khosla (along with zilzila, the torching of an indian airlines plane and master blaster, the killing of the south african ambassador, and even a schoolteacher who did the same) was a quintessential political thriller with all the right ingredients of a top-notch bollywood movie. then came 1989s aurat teri kahani (1989), which was still an intense political thriller even without the khosla killing, and an even better movie. in aurat teri kahani, naseeruddin shah and hema malini act out the story of a young couple, subash (naseer) and komal (hema) who have deep-seated differences. at the time, it was already apparent that the relationship was clearly defined by love, but also by bitterness and mistrust. in the sub-continent, the couple had fallen apart not long after their wedding, leaving subash with a gimlet eye and komal with nothing but contempt.

the clash of civilisations thesis is part of a much larger discussion about human nature which must be understood to be engaged in a healthy conversation with the facts. these facts include a multicultural society being an economic and political success. it also includes the humanity displayed at those protests. 3d9ccd7d82


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