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Stickers Decal Package

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Stickers Decal Package

Elevate the look of your RockShox forks with our high-quality decals and stickers. Get the perfect match for your RockShox Boxxer, Lyrik, Pike, SID and more forks with our officially licensed decals and stickers. Our decals are made from premium materials and original artwork, ensuring unmatched quality and a perfect fit every time.

Stay ahead of the game with licensed RockShox decals. We take pride in our partnership with RockShox and are committed to delivering only the best products to our customers. As a fully licensed aftermarket manufacturer, we guarantee that our decals and stickers meet and exceed the standards set by RockShox. Upgrade the look of your RockShox forks today with our high-quality decals and stickers.

Stay Wild, Helmet Child! Cranial band decals for to decorate your baby's helmet Starband or Docband or other plagiocephaly or craniosynostosis band. In a neutral woodlands theme for your wild child! Looks great on an unpainted band.

Decorate your baby's plagiocephaly helmet (ex: Starband, DOC Band, Cranial Band) with stylish, durable adhesive vinyl decals, complete with custom name and "STAY WILD" text! This listing is for one custom name decal, "stay wild" text decals, hedgehogs, foxes, mushrooms, and other woodland forest accents as pictured in versatile shades of dark grey, black, putty, and brown. Helmet is not included! **Please note: all decals will need to be sealed with multiple coats of modpodge as soon as the decals are applied to the helmet to help prevent peeling. For your convenience, please find sealant and brush cranial kit add-on options listed separately within the shop!**

*Please submit your child's name in the notes/comments section during checkout in order to receive your personalized decal. Orders without a name included will be processed as such. Names/monograms are cut in the color+font+overall size dimension of the name decal pictured. Longer names will have smaller letters to fit. ::, but with forest animals and accent elements to fill the place of the name.*

2. MORE DURABLE than stickers or decoupage. For those with active babies, stickers and/or decoupaged paper can tear and peel quite easily. My decals are made of high quality vinyl, which is more resistant to tearing, moisture, fading, and, when sealed regularly with Mod-Podge, can better withstand the rough and tumble play of your baby in comparison to stickers or paper.

3. REMOVABLE, allowing you to change the look and style of your child's helmet easily. Decals can be removed by working the edges off with your fingernail and peeling off, and will not leave traces of sticky residue such as what might be experienced with plain stickers.

APPLICATION & CARE 1. OUT OF THE PACKAGE: Your decals will arrive with elements individually pre-cut, with transfer tape already applied on top. When you are ready to apply your decal to the surface of the helmet, simply peel off the backing that protects the sticky side of the decal).

2. APPLYING THE DECAL: Once the backing has been peeled, with the transfer tape facing you and the sticky side exposed, apply the decal to desired location on the surface of the helmet, using a credit card to press out any air bubbles from the decal. After the decal has been firmly pressed down, peel off the transfer tape. (*Note: If you are painting and/or sealing your helmet beforehand, wait until the helmet has fully dried before applying the decal to prevent surface paint from peeling and minimize the need for paint touch-ups) . Seal with multiple coats of Mod Podge. **Please be aware that Babbleworthy decals are handpieced vinyl art lovingly made to order. Naturally, the application process will thus be different from the decal application process for mass produced, single color, or printed decals, and will require extra care and patience in applying! Your understanding and support of this independent form of artistry is truly appreciated.**



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