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Recently, one developer made waves with a piece of AI that rapidly accelerates the process of stitching someone into an extant piece of video, which has traditionally required exhaustive frame-by-frame editing. As The Verge reported in December, the machine-learning tool was used to replace the face of a porn actress with that of Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot in a successful, if not spotless, demo of the tech.

For years, advocacy groups have demonstrated that families already struggle to keep in touch with incarcerated loves ones and to stay informed if they get sick, hurt, killed, or lost in the system, whether they'd been convicted of a crime or were awaiting misdemeanor or immigration charges.

In Maricopa County, AZ, for example, friends and family can remotely chat with inmates using Securus' Mobile App for $7.99 per 20 minute block (not including variable fees). 20-minute and 40-minute onsite video visits from friends and family, which place inmates and visitors in separate buildings, and all chunks of video communication with lawyers are free. In other states and counties, the cost of video chatting can easily rise several dollars per session.

For investors, the choice at hand may seem especially difficult, given the pressure they're under to serve revenues as well as clients who've never heard of prison video visits, or AI porn. If Wall Street doesn't commit soon to helping draw the line between what is and is not acceptable human treatment and behavior, however, then all Americans will be paying the price before they know it. 153554b96e


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