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An acclaimed but oft-maligned superhero in the MCU, Captain America Chris Evans is our protagonist. When Erik Sabah, also known as Winter Soldier, wakes from a coma in Wakanda, he is unsure who to trust and is looking for a way back to the United States. Eventually, Cap joins a superhero team of international superhumans to prevent an invasion by the evil HYDRA organization. Thanks to a series of twists, Marvel has assembled a highly-demanded quality ensemble cast, including Oscar winners Samuel L. Jackson and Anthony Mackie, along with Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely.

Jem and the Holograms is based on the premise that "if your special, then no one can touch you", but also that if your special, you can't be special anymore. The result is a unique take on teen empowerment and adult sophistication. This entry into the MCU is the most sophisticated comic book adaptation by far, offering the most obvious and time-tested appeal of the genre: epic visuals, costumes, cars, sets, and action. Conjuring the incredible feeling of going to a real superhero theme park, Marvel fans are in for a ton of fun, with this being a superbly entertaining and emotional step back to what made the first Marvel films fun. But I believe the eye-popping imagery and fun characters will ultimately be taken for granted, while Loki's redemption will come down to superhero storytelling skills.

Marvel Studios has been exploring science fiction and superhero film since it entered the movies in 2008, with the highly profitable Avengers (2008), and highly anticipated The Dark Knight Rises (2012). The MCU has grown into one of the largest and most sophisticated shared cinematic universes in history. The MCU draws from the same online repositories for creating its films, as its source material for its characters, stories, and settings. Some of the most successful MCU entries have borrowed heavily from the iconic characters, time periods and settings from the comics. Many people, being a fan or not of the Deadpool character, find out that the final movie is unexpectedly better than the trailer, in which violence is much overdone. It's not the first R-rated superhero movie nor the first comedy in the genre, but this movie manages to combine all of the right touches for something that feels completely fresh in superhero cinema. This film also pointed the way forward for an X-Men franchise looking to expand its reach and find a new approach after 16 years of sequels and disappointing prior spinoff attempts. It stunned everyone with a massive $783 million worldwide cume. 3d9ccd7d82


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