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Audirvana Plus License File 35

Audirvana Plus License File 35 ===

Audirvana Plus License File 35

SOtM sMS-200 Neo$510A very small device that plays PCM digital audio files up to 384/32 and DSD256. With a silver isosceles trapezoidal faceplate and a wall-wart power supply, the sMS-200 is just right for a space-limited digital audio player. It lets you store your audio files either on a network or an external USB drive. A software suite called Eunhasu give you lots of software playback options, including the popular Roon (but you need a Roon license). Additional power supplies are available (VF used the mBPS-d2s battery-powered supply). Output to the DAC is via a USB jack. The sMS-200 with Roon was very dynamic, with fully-fleshed-out harmonics and excellent momentum. For even better sound, if your space and budget are larger, you might consider the sMS-200ultra and its matching sPS-500 power supply. The sMS-200ultra also has a matching sCLK-OCX10 master-clock generator which is said to improve the sound even more.

Hi, using Audirvana 3.5 with Win10 and external DAC audiolab M-DAC (not the newer plus version) via USB which works perfect for me. Good sound, no trouble. Although Audirvana hides information where music files are located and I have no influence to alter anything. So I tried latest revision of JRiver which has a more meaning user interface for me. Simple comparison did not show any difference in sound quality yet. I hear blues, rock, rockabilly where the recording is not always perfect. No classical music. Further, I did not want to go for Audirvana Studio because it is a subsription and at beginning had a lot of bugs as the Audirvana forum shows. So, if I want to make a better comparison I need to use my STAX electrostatic earphones which have an excellent resolution. But time is short.

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