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Behringer Xenyx 302 Usb Drivers

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Behringer Xenyx 302 Usb Drivers

Thank you, it has been my first time using my Behringer Xenyx 302. Added it on xubuntu 18.04 and XFCE. First one base on linux mint. And then i decide to change on. I can't play music directly from Behringer on Linux. I use my Behringer as on-stage usb sound card. Followed the manual from Behringer. But the volume setting not proper. And while in the virtual studio manager use the most lower volume. I'm not sure if you know anything about Behringer and why there is a problem while being usb sound card. I think the audio card is not recognize. When i'm setting a new audio profile on "Audio Production" not working. I'm not sure if this could be a problem. So i need help. Please help me. If you need more information i can provide you. Thank you so much.

The X1010 has a behavior of connecting to your PC at power on (pressing the true on the remote, as I think that's what you meant). Only if you want to input a new audio profile, you need to press F1 or do some other special action on the rem...

Hello. I've been trying to make my Behringer Xenyx 302 work with Linux Mint for the last few days, and whatever I do I keep getting the following error whenever I select any audio profile in VST: "Error loading VST Synth"..

I am running a Ubuntu 18.04, and I have a Behringer Patch X1010. My.db file is in the right path, and I've followed the steps in the manual, as well as the driver installation instructions as detailed in a number of posts here on the forum.

I'm glad to hear that the mfr driver got your DAW purring. If, moving forward, you see any further issues with audio drivers, consider also disabling Realtek HD Audio for sessions where the Behringer is connected. You didn't mention it above, so I'm just assuming.

It's a Behringer Xenyx 302 USB DAC. No driver needed. It has audio in and out and also a microphone input. The Behringer software I was using had a; microphone section. I disabled that and the drivers worked fine.

hey hanks for the info. i have a behringer 302. it uses the avermedia chip. i boot it in windows without audio but in ubuntu it wont work either. i have everything on the perfect setup and all of my connections are answered. the only thing i can figure is realtek drivers. d2c66b5586


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