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The Angry Birds Movie English 3 Movie !FULL! Download Hd Mp4

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The Angry Birds Movie English 3 Movie !FULL! Download Hd Mp4

The Angry Birds Movie 3: Everything You Need to Know

The Angry Birds Movie 3 is the third installment in the popular animated film series based on the video game franchise of the same name. The first film, The Angry Birds Movie, was released in 2016 and introduced us to the world of flightless birds who live on an island and have to defend their eggs from the green pigs who want to steal them. The second film, The Angry Birds Movie 2, was released in 2019 and followed the birds and pigs as they had to team up against a new threat: an eagle named Zeta who wanted to turn their islands into ice.

So far, there is no official confirmation or announcement about The Angry Birds Movie 3, but fans are eager to know if and when it will happen. Here is everything we know so far about the possible third film in the series.

Release Date

Since there is no official word on The Angry Birds Movie 3, there is no release date either. However, we can make some guesses based on the previous films. The first film took about four years to make, while the second film took about three years. This leads us to believe that the earliest possible release date for The Angry Birds Movie 3 will be sometime in 2022[^3^]. However, there is always a chance that the process is sped up, in which case, we could be getting a new movie sometime in 2021.


The cast of The Angry Birds Movie 3 will likely depend on the story and the characters that will be involved. However, we can expect some of the main voice actors from the previous films to reprise their roles, such as:

Jason Sudeikis as Red, the leader of the birds and a short-tempered cardinal[^1^]

Josh Gad as Chuck, a hyperactive yellow canary and Red's best friend[^1^]

Danny McBride as Bomb, a black bird who can explode when he gets angry and Red's other best friend[^1^]

Maya Rudolph as Matilda, a white bird who runs an anger management class[^1^]

Bill Hader as Leonard, the king of the pigs and Red's former enemy[^1^]

Peter Dinklage as Mighty Eagle, a legendary eagle who lives on Bird Island and helps the birds[^1^]

Rachel Bloom as Silver, a grey bird who is Chuck's sister and Red's love interest[^2^]

Sterling K. Brown as Garry Pig, a pig inventor who works for Leonard[^2^]

Leslie Jones as Zeta, a purple eagle who lives on Eagle Island and wants to freeze the other islands[^2^]


Since there is no official plot synopsis or trailer for The Angry Birds Movie 3, there are no spoilers either. However, we can speculate on what might happen in the third film based on how the second film ended. In The Angry Birds Movie 2, we saw that Red and Silver became a couple, while Leonard and Zeta also fell in love. The birds and pigs also became friends and celebrated their victory over Zeta's ice cannon. However, we also saw that three hatchlings accidentally launched themselves into space with some eggs, which could set up a new adventure for the third film.


There are many fan theories about what might happen in The Angry Birds Movie 3. Some of them are:

The hatchlings will encounter aliens or other planets in space and have to find their way back home.

Zeta will return as a villain or an ally and reveal more about her past and her relationship with Mighty Eagle.

Red will face a new challenge as a leader and a boyfriend and have to deal with his insecurities and fears.

Chuck and Bomb will find new love interests or develop their own skills and personalities.

The birds and pigs will face a new enemy or a natural disaster that will threaten their islands.

Story Details

The story details of The Angry Birds Movie 3 are unknown at this point. However, we a474f39169


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