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Design Builder Software Crack Download


Design Builder Software Crack Download

DesignBuilder is an integrated modeling and simulation tool that creates full-scale building designs and provides an unparalleled experience for building performance evaluation. DesignBuilder serves as a foundation for detailed energy model integration and A-by-A performance analysis of buildings. With DesignBuilder, you can model, simulate, and design buildings by using a single software package that starts with a 3D building model and ends with a performance analysis report that includes an innovative 3D building skin animation, visualizations, and performance indicators.

In designing your projects, DesignBuilder provides thoughtful options that enhance your building modeling and building performance evaluation as well as your productivity. It provides a comprehensive set of design metric tools for efficiently calculating various building performance metrics including energy (electric, gas, and HVAC), water, life cycle cost, and survey. With its comprehensive set of design metric tools, you can make an in-depth analysis related to building performance by applying different metrics. It supports nearly 20 building climate zones, which is useful for evaluating the building performance by different climates.

In DesignBuilder, you can create and render 3D building models, and simulation views of those 3D models and 3D layers of the building models are accessible from almost any mesh (skeletal) model. You can also schedule a HVAC document such as a pressure profile, a pressure drop, and a temperature. This is a huge time saver when building performance evaluation projects. You can also integrate energy simulation packages such as Energy Plus and Life Cycle Analysis, and 3D models of energy components. Your new total building cost is also wise and timely calculated. And as a summary of all these information, you will receive building performance report that includes 3D animation and visualization of building performance.

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