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it is also possible to use a rotating password and alphanumeric pin as a secondary security measure. even if an attacker does get hold of the password, most of the time the password will not be usable by the attacker, or else the password is one that is too simple to be useful and needs to be replaced. in fact, a rotating password is a more secure and convenient way to select a password, even for those who are pretty good at coming up with strong passwords. this is also a good way to save time at sign-on. many organizations and web sites offer the ability to use a password and a pin, though the pins tend to be numeric while the passwords tend to be alphanumeric, so a user can rotate between the two. twitter: hongkiat

when you buy a new smartphone, you want it to be as secure as possible and offer you the options you need to protect your data. with the growing need for online banking and the need to ensure that you can still be secure if your phone goes missing or if it gets lost, you can protect yourself by locking your device. in fact, more than half of us who have smartphones do not use a security measure like a pin or password to access our smartphones, notes the pew research center. this is because we want to be able to use our phones without having to enter our personal information. however, if your phone is lost or stolen, criminals can use it to access your account and steal your money. locking your device is one of the first things you should do to protect yourself and your money. a password is a simple way to protect your data and money from thieves. it is a good idea to choose a long and complex password, so that it will be hard for a thief to guess. 3d9ccd7d82


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